10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Piano

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 • Publisher : Koala Music Publications
 • Author : Gary Turner
 • Grade : 1
 • # Lessons : 10+50
 • Notation : Standard
 • Multimedia files

Cadence des leçons paramétrable à tout moment.
Suivez une nouvelle leçon tous les 2, 3, 5 ou 7 jours.

Professeur : Jorge M

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10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Piano

10 EASY Lessons, Learn To Play Piano assumes you have no prior knowledge of music or playing the piano.
This method will show you:

1. How to play over 25 songs using a range of two octaves.
2. Major, Minor and Seventh chords.
3. 12 Bar Blues and Turnaround progressions.

The method also features a chord chart section featuring over 50 different chords.

After completing this method you will have a solid understanding of the piano and be ready for further study on specific styles of playing, e.g. Rock, Blues, etc.
All piano players should know all of the information contained in this method.

Multimedia files included in the course : 45 videos • 45 audio files.

Chaque abonnement inclu l'expédition d'une copie originale de la méthode pour se conformer à la réglementation sur les droits d'auteur.

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