10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Rock Bass

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 • Author : Peter Gelling
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Teacher : Cyril Olivier

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10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Rock Bass

The bass player, together with the drummer, form what is called the rhythm section of a group. They create the backing beat, driving force and 'tightness' necessary for a successful group.

10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Rock Bass is suitable for beginners, but it would be preferable to have some knowledge of bass playing before starting this method. 10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Bass is suggested as a primer.

During the course of 10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Rock Bass, you will learn bass lines using all of the common note and rest values used in music, along with the scales, arpeggios and fingering patterns used by the world's best bass players.
A variety of styles are covered including Heavy Rock, Pop Rock, Funk, Blues and R&B, which are the roots of most of todays Rock styles.
There is also a lesson on Slapping and Popping techniques along with some exciting bass lines which make use of these techniques.
All the examples sound great and are fun to play.

The method also covers music theory as it applies to bass playing.
Anyone who completes this method will be well on the way to being an excellent Rock bass player.

Multimedia files included in the course : 93 videos • 93 audio files.

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