10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Piano For The Young Beginner

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 • Publisher : Koala Music Publications
 • Author : Gary Turner
 • Grade : 1
 • # Lessons : 10+50
 • Notation : Standard
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Teacher : Ania Coen

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10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Piano For The Young Beginner

10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Piano For Young Beginners has been designed to introduce the younger student to the basics of piano playing and reading music.

To maximise the student's enjoyment and interest, the l0 Easy Lessons Young Beginner Series incorporates an extensive repertoire of well-known children's songs. All the songs have been carefully graded into an easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson format, which assumes no prior knowledge of music by the student.

This book incorporates very easy arrangements involving 7 notes on the treble staff and five notes on the bass staff.
It introduces the student to 4/4 and 3/4 time, and incorporates eighth, quarter, half and whole notes and their equivalent rests.
Only the white keys are used.

The student is taught how to read music, and introduced to basic terms such as bar lines, repeat signs and lead-in notes.
New pieces of information are highlighted.

Multimedia files included in the course : 66 videos • 66 audio files.

Each subscription includes the shipping of an original copy of the method to comply with the copyright regulation.

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