10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Lead Guitar

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 • Publisher : Koala Music Publications
 • Author : Gary Turner
 • Grade : 2
 • # Lessons : 10+50
 • Notation : Standard & Tablatures
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Teacher : Tom Silva

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10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Lead Guitar

10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Lead Guitar assumes that you have a basic knowledge of the guitar.
All the preliminary information you require to learn lead guitar can be found in the method 10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Guitar.
It is recommended that you learn all the information in this method, as it contains information that all guitarists should know.

10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Lead Guitar will show you:
1. The 12 bar Blues progression, using riffs and variations incorporating quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and triplets, along with ties, rests, shuffle and syncopated timing.
2. Scales and patterns over the entire fretboard so that you can improvise against major, minor and Blues chord progressions in any key. You will be able to play along ('jam') with other musicians, or to the recorded progressions.
3. Learn the licks and techniques used by all lead guitarists such as hammer-ons, slides, bending, vibrato, pick tremolo, double notes, slurring and right hand tapping.

This method also has special sections on jamming progressions, music notation, scales and notes on the entire fretboard.

Multimedia files included in the course : 113 videos • 113 audio files.

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