10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Drums

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 • Author : Peter Gelling
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10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Drums

10 Easy Lessons, Learn To Play Drums assumes that you have little or no prior knowledge of music or playing the drums.
Starting from learning the parts of the drumkit, how to sit at the drums and how to hold the drum sticks, you are introduced to:

1. Reading and understanding music as it relates to the drums.
2. Learning to play using all the drums and cymbals which make up the drum kit and gaining control of all four limbs.
3. Playing drum beats in a variety of styles including Rock, Blues Funk and Jazz.
4. How to invent your own drum beats and fills.
5. How to make your drum parts work with other instruments, in particular the bass and guitar.

All drummers should know all of the information contained in this method.
After completing this method you will have a solid basic understanding of the drums and will be ready to move on to more advanced study of specific musical styles.

Multimedia files included in the course : 133 videos • 133 audio files.

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